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Equine Massage Therapy


About Me

  My name is Kristen Martucci, my experience with horses started very young with my mom being a Hunter/ Jumper trainer in California. Horsemanship was a huge part of our lessons along with the skills needed to compete. I went on to ride with a few amazing trainers through my 20's and learned invaluable information about the industry. After having kids, my focus changed, but my love of horses hadn't. I began barrel racing about 6 years ago and just love it! 

  I wanted to continue my love for the equine athlete through massage therapy. I believe preventative care is best, but when necessary there are many effective alternative therapies for an injury. Our industry has a history of asking so much from our horses and not using all the tools available to keep them feeling their best. Massage and stretching are an integral part of maintaining their optimal performance level. Think about all these high paid athletes, do you think they get muscle therapy after games and practice? I know they do! They need to preserve their bodies.

  I received my first certification from Therasage EMC, it is an wonderful program that teaches very effective skills of muscle manipulation. I can feel where they are holding tension and "work" the muscle carefully to increase circulation and bring oxygen to the area. I am always looking to continue my education, so I am now working on my certification from The Masterson Method! Through The Masterson Method, the horse is able to release tension on their own by allowing them to enter a true relaxed state and access their parasympathetic nervous system. They show signs of releasing this tension by yawning, snorting, head shaking, deep breaths or sighs, or some stoic horses only give me a nod or a blink. I also use a blend of Young Living essential oils during the massage, the aroma therapy along with the added circulatory system support creates a well balanced therapy session. By blending these modalities, I feel I can offer a unique experience for you horse.

I learn something new everyday from these amazing animals as each one has their own wonderful personality. I love working on these incredible athletes, it is so gratifying to see them relax and find relief through the massage. 

I look forward to working on your horse next! 

Benefits of Massage

  • Increases circulation and brings oxygen to the muscles.
  • Increases lymphatic flow.
  • Reduces inflammation and lactic acid build-up
  • Releases endorphins - natural pain relief
  • Breaks down scar tissue - helps to elongate the muscle after an injury
  • Reduce post-exercise soreness - stretching correctly after exercise and a relaxing massage the day after is a wonderful way to reward them after a competition.


  • 1 Session - $75 (Minimum of 60 minutes)
  • 2 Session Package - $140
  • 5 Session Package - $325
  • Young Living Raindrop Technique - $85 (Full massage using 9 Essential oils about 90 min)
  • Senior Horse Discount - $65 (Over 18 Yrs old)
  • Events (Barrel Races etc.) - 30 min. session - $40 - I do 30 min sessions on days of competition because an hour would be too much for them. The goal of these sessions are to get them in a relaxed, focused state of mind and allow them to work through their tension. 

Contact Info

I am currently working on horses in Arizona and Southern California. 

To book your appointment or purchase nutritional supplements please send me a message by clicking the button below or call 928-304-7764. 

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