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Young Living makes it easy to start or continue on that journey.

Please take some time to check out the new site, like me, it's a work in progress. I want this site to be a place for you to access basic info easily, but I encourage you to dig deeper on the Young Living website, there is a wealth of great information.


Why Young Living?

Want to know why I chose Young Living? It was their Seed to Seal Promise. They hold the highest standards of quality from the locations of their farms, the soil conditions, the seeds they choose to grow, along with the processing each plant. Did you know that some plants are distilled to make the oil and some are cold pressed? 

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I truly am here for you...

Helping people and animals feel better is a passion of mine. There are some wonderful products out there that I know and trust, Young Living is a large part of the whole. Together we can work on a plan to help you and your furry friends. I always say, if I don't know the answer, let's do some research. Please remember that it is very important to continue to work with your doctor or veterinarian, their knowledge is incredibly valuable. 

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My Story

Hello, I’m Kristen

I have had some rough times on my journey to health, and it is still a work in progress. I started looking for ways to improve my health in 2009 when I realized my body was screaming for help. 

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008 when my first daughter was a year old, in 2009 I found out I had Hashimoto’s, and then adrenal insufficiency joined the party. I started with diet changes for the Celiac by going gluten free, however I didn’t realize how much sugar was in those products...All I knew is that I was depressed that I couldn’t have beer, pasta, or cookies anymore! Well, I went crazy with all the GF products and became pre-diabetic, not good. After my second baby, I found out about the Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, I thought I was loosing my mind...I was putting milk away in the cupboard! I remember walking into my doctors office with a 4 month old baby in the carrier and a 2 year old at my side saying....I'm exhausted!  She thought well of course you are, you've got two little ones. Thankfully she ran the thyroid blood work anyway and a few days later I had a diagnosis. Along came the chronic sinus infections, exhaustion, getting sick often and feeling run down. About two years into this mess, I told my doctor I was still feeling miserable. When he said he would prescribe an anti-depressant I just about lost it. I knew I wasn't depressed...at least not in the clinical sense, I needed help and I needed a change. 

That change came in the form of an incredible Chinese Herb doctor and he turned my diet (no more dairy) and my life around. This was the beginning of my wellness journey which eventually lead me to Young Living Oils. I worked carefully with my regular doctors to monitor my blood levels and they were very impressed with the improvements they were seeing.  

Young Living makes it easy to live a healthy lifestyle. They have so many incredible products that give you the power to be well. I took the Chinese herbs for several years, but I knew that wasn’t an option for many people. Some did not like the process or the taste or just couldn’t get behind the idea. This is where my passion for Young Living comes in, it is so simple for anyone to get started. I've now been using their products since 2014 and have learned so many uses for the different products. My kids ask me for them when they aren't feeling well and know what to grab when the dogs or horses need something. I love being able to use them on our whole family, furry members included!

I can’t wait to share my passion with you and help you on your path to wellness!

Kristen Martucci


Essential Equine Therapy and Services, LLC

Equine Massage and Masterson Method

Equine Massage and Masterson Method

Equine Massage and Masterson Method

equine massage, masterson method

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MagnaWave PEMF Therapy

Equine Massage and Masterson Method

Equine Massage and Masterson Method

MagnaWave PEMF Therapy 
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